In PLANTSCAPE GARDEN SDN BHD, we are making the most of our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) while pursuing benefits for the business and for society. Amongst the initiative adopted by PGSB are:


Every waste generated from the Landscape Activity are thrown responsibly, either handled by the Council approved contractor and sent to engineered landfill for proper disposal.

2. WASTE SEGREGATION – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Not every waste from PGSB will ended up in the landfill. In preserving the effort to save the environment, waste segregation is adopted to classify waste into biodegradable or non-biogradeable waste. Non biodegradable waste will be further reclassify into suitable or non suitable waste. Only non suitable waste will be sent to landfill for disposal.

3. GIVING BACK TO COMMUNITY – One People, One Tree

Community event, talk and exhibition are frequently conducted to promote the awareness within the community to do our part by preserving the GREEN.
ONE PEOPLE, ONE TREE is the effort to raise the awareness on the importance of sustainable development by starting your own initiative now to plant a tree in preserving the pristine environment for the next generation.